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2 Pin Molex 39013029 Led Lcd Lvds Cab Aces 50399-04071 To IPEX 20454-030T

2 Pin Molex 39013029 Led Lcd Lvds Cab Aces 50399-04071 To IPEX 20454-030T

custom lvds cable

lvds extension cable

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Product Details
Brand Name::
40to 30PIN
1 Connector::
Aces 50399-04071
2 Connector::
Ipex 20454-030t
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Minimum Order Quantity
Delivery Time
Shipped in 3 days after payment
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T,Paypal, Western Union, MoneyGram
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Product Description



Aces 50399-04071 To IPEX 20454-030T With 2pin Molex 39013029 Led Lcd Lvds Cab​



-------What's the lvds cable?


Low-voltage differential signaling,or LVDS,also known as TIA/EIA-644,is a technical standard that specifies electrical characteristics of a differential,
serial communications protocol. LVDS operates at low power and can run at very high speeds using inexpensive twisted-pair copper cables.
Since LVDS is a physical layer specification only,many data communication standards and applications use it but then add a data link layer
as defined in the OSI model on top of it.LVDS was introduced in 1994,and has become popular in products such as LCD-TVs, automotive infotainment systems,
industrial cameras and machine vision,notebook and tablet computers,and communications systems.The typical applications are high-speed video,
graphics,video camera data transfers,and general purpose computer buses.Early on,the notebook and LCD display vendors commonly used
the term LVDS instead of FPD-Link when referring to their application,and the term LVDS has mistakenly become synonymous with Flat Panel Display Link in
the video-display engineering vocabulary.

Electrical Characteristics
Discription of the lvds cable
About the wire:
1. Wire type: black and round
2. AWG:30AWG
3.Wire number:
4. Shielding: tin-plated braid shielding, silver
5. Twist pairs: 20pairs
6. Inner wire color: multicolor

About the lvds cable:
1. Cable length: 30CM
2. With shrink tube
3. Strip length: 3CM/5CM


Number of Conductors


≥ 10

Brand Name


I-PEX 20455-030E

Model Number


I-PEX 20453-030T




Cable type


I-PEX 20455-030E micro coaxial

Cable side


I-PEX 20453-030T 040T

PCB side


I-PEX 20455-030E 040E



I-PEX 20455-030E cable



30 ways I-PEX cable

Cable OD


0.38mm or 0.42mm

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50 LVDS cable

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custom I-PEX LVDS cable

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I-PEX 20455-030E lvds cable


Product Details:

2 Pin Molex 39013029 Led Lcd Lvds Cab Aces 50399-04071 To IPEX 20454-030T 0

2 Pin Molex 39013029 Led Lcd Lvds Cab Aces 50399-04071 To IPEX 20454-030T 1

Our Company:
1. RY Electronics has over 10 years of experience designing and manufacturing custom cable                  assemblies and antennas in large or small volumes depending on your needs.
2. Our manufacturing facilities can build just about many types of custom cable assembly(LVDS cable/Flat cable/RF cable/wire harness) as well as GPS/WIFI/ISM/GSM/3G/4G antenna and RF connectors.
Our advantages:
1. Quality control:most of products have UL CE ROHS, certificate. ISO9001:2008.
2. Low MOQ:5pcs/10pcs/20pcs/50pcs,depends on different items.
3. Fast Delivery Time :2~15 days, On-Time Delivery.
4. Good After-Sales Service: we could offer technical support or return service in short time.
5. 1 Year Warranty.


1. How to choose a right cable?

A designer has to evaluate the determining system parameters such as signaling rate, cable length, single-ended or differential (balanced) signaling, point-to-point, multidrop or multipoint configuration, noise margin, flexibility, costs.


2. What’s will impact the material you select?

Specific equipment, machine structure and environment


3. Follow question 2, below you have to concern

Unshielded or shielded (taped, braided, or combination of both)?

Round or flat? Coaxial, multiconductor or twisted pair cable?


4. Why cable need to be shielding?

To reduce electrical noise from affecting the signals, and to reduce electromagnetic

radiation that may interfere with

other devices.


5. What sort of cable need suggest to?

For long transmission lines, a braided or served shield is recommended to ensure good isolation between the signal lines and the environment.


6. Is that double-shielded cables that are both taped and braided typically perform better?



7. What kind of cable is cheaper and easy to handle?

Multiconductor cables are cheaper and easier to handle than twisted pair or coaxial cables, especially in terms of termination.


8. What’s you recommended for differential data transmission, such as LVDS?

The twisted pair cable is recommended since it provides two identical conductors to transmit the signal and its complement.


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