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How do you check a car wiring harness?


Latest company news about How do you check a car wiring harness?

Automotive wiring harness is like the car's "nervous system", it can be said that if there is no automotive wiring harness, the car will not be able to play its maximum performance, not to mention the coordination and control of the car's internal system normal operation.

The wiring harness we are talking about is a set of copper material stamped contact clips and cable crimps, and then outside the set of other metal materials, plastic sheaths or compression insulators and so on.

So, for the various wiring harnesses in the car, how to determine whether there are short circuits, poor contact and other conditions, quality control and fault detection of the relevant electrical properties of the wiring harness? Today, I would like to share with you some simple and easy testing methods.

1. Automotive wiring harness tension test

If the automotive wiring harness quality problems, first, the connection between the harness transmission line and the terminal is not strong enough, the harness collapse; second, the external surface of the harness transmission line is intact, but the internal copper core and the terminal is separated, which will also lead to automotive wiring harness failure, so the automotive wiring harness tensile strength test is very necessary.

During the test, as the insulation layer of the transmission line cable becomes progressively thinner, it is possible to determine whether the transmission line is damaged or not; if the internal wiring is damaged, X-ray imaging is required to more accurately assess the internal condition.
2, automotive wiring harness X-ray inspection

Automotive wiring harness X-ray inspection images can be more intuitive to observe the wiring harness internal welding process defects, such as leakage of solder, slag and so on. These defects can directly lead to a short circuit of the harness, jeopardizing the safety of the overall performance of the car.

3, automotive wiring harness touch test

In general, when the wiring harness contact is poor, it is likely to be caused by the connector. After the connector is connected, the electrical equipment suddenly works normally or abnormally, indicating that the connector is faulty and needs to be overhauled.

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