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How should RF connectors be maintained and maintained?


Latest company news about How should RF connectors be maintained and maintained?

How should RF connectors be maintained and maintained?

Regular cleaning of RF connectors and proper use of the connectors will often prolong the service life of the connectors. We know that every company will unplug connectors when using equipment. At this time, it is very important to maintain and maintain RF connectors. A good connector will also lead to performance degradation due to poor daily maintenance, resulting in economic losses and other adverse factors. So how to do a good job of connector maintenance? Let's take a look at RY's summary.


All RF connectors used in PIM testing, including test adapters, test cable components, test loads and all RF connectors on the tester, must be clean and reliable to ensure that the PIM test results of the tested parts are accurate and reliable.

1. Clean RF connectors regularly to ensure consistency in connection.


2. Make sure that the connector is in place and then tighten the nut. First make preliminary locking with hand, then use moment wrench to achieve the required moment.


3. Remove O-rings from all test adapters and cable assemblies before testing. This will reduce the torque required for tight connections with low PIM and extend the service life of connectors. (Please don't remove the O-ring on the jumper line.)


4. All connections require torque wrenches, and 7/16 connections require 20-25N.m torques. Please note that when tightening the connector, do not rotate the connector body (the second wrench should be used to fix the connector body).


5. When the connector is not working, it is necessary to ensure that there are protective caps at the interface. The number of RF connectors is limited. The typical value is 500 plugs. Because PIM test is very sensitive, the number of RF connectors may not be reached, so we need to have extra connectors, adapters and cable components.

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