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How to control the quality of the harness?


Latest company news about How to control the quality of the harness?

How to control the quality of the harness?

2023 With the global manufacturing field of new products, new technologies, new applications will be concentrated appearance, new energy vehicle industry ushered in vigorous development, as a wiring harness manufacturing supplier for more than 10 years, how we and domestic new energy vehicle BYD, Xiapeng, NiO and other car companies to carry out cooperation, so as to achieve an annual output value of more than 20 million sales, and continue to grow. The company's products have passed multiple rounds of quality testing, life testing and effect testing, and have stood out among many competitors and successfully won the affirmation of major car companies. We control product quality through the following aspects of practice, so as to win trust

latest company news about How to control the quality of the harness?  0

Harness quality control - entry point
In order to achieve quality control, it is necessary to start with the process flow contained in the pipeline operation instructions. To wit:
A, incoming material - automatic cutting line (KS tangent line)- manual crimping (VK installation EAD, large terminal, sleeve, etc.)- other auxiliary steps. Select the next step based on the module functions
B, MoudleAssemble, or directly assembly line.
C, after the completion of the pipeline operation, that is, a complete harness processing is completed, the next is the quality inspection: power detection, appearance detection, size detection.
D. After all tests are qualified, the KZ-label required by customers will be affixed, and the products will be stored or shipped directly
The complete process is divided into four ABCD sections here to better introduce and understand the significance of quality control at different stages. And quality management is not only a simple quality inspection, such as the C&D stage, the finished product after the start of quality testing, in fact, the real quality has started long before Harness quality control-Key points and methods

Next, we will gradually discuss how to achieve quality control, the key points and methods of control
A: Incoming material - automatic cutting line (KS tangent line) - manual crimping (VK installation EAD, large terminal, sleeve, etc.) - other auxiliary steps.
The incoming materials are generally purchased parts, such as: terminals, junction boxes (jackets), rubber plugs, EAD/seal, blind plugs (collectively referred to as waterproof seals), etc. Because it is purchased, the acceptance of quality is exclusively responsible for the supplier management department, and there is no more research on the quality control link here.


Automatic cutting wire harness industry cutting wire as the name suggests, cut, cut. In the beginning, cutting was by hand, hand sewing, and now mainly by equipment. Focus on the automatic cutting line quality control link need to pay attention to the problem points, automatic cutting line will involve several important parameters provided by the R & D department: single line length, single line stripping insulation length: line diameter, line monochrome or two-color color; Terminal, terminal diameter, terminal crimping force.


When doing quality control, we must first check the correctness of the wire diameter, the monochromatic or two-color color of the wire, the terminal, the terminal diameter and the corresponding material number of other parts. In particular, ensure that the terminals and cables are correctly matched. This is the premise of ensuring quality, and then for the length of a single line, the length of a single line stripping insulation, the strength of the terminal crimping, the matching degree of crimping these parameters are for the equipment, that is, the automatic shear machine, for this piece of equipment needs to be debugging.


After debugging the equipment, several processing lines can be tested through trial production, and the above parameters can be proofread to ensure. Manual crimping, crimping is crimping the terminal, manual crimping is a little big terminal, or a single line terminal with a sleeve, automatic crimping can not be. The quality control for crimping terminals that still need to be manually operated in the manual area should be centered around the quality of crimping between terminals, to ensure that: the line peeling area can not be exposed to the outside, and should be completely covered by the terminal end (the length of A+B); The crimping depth of the terminal should be appropriate, not too light or too tight, which will cause damage to the wire core, and it is not easy to repair and other operations when inserting the terminal box at the end (depth of area B). According to different module functions, proceed to the next step to select BMoudleAssemble, or directly carry out assembly line assembly.


At this stage, the focus of quality control is the operation of the previously completed semi-finished product with the junction box. Can take "one push, two listen, th

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