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Knowledge of terminal and crimping quality


Latest company news about Knowledge of terminal and crimping quality

1) Terminals Type


Nowadays, there are up to 2000 kinds of terminals for automobile wiring harness, including battery terminals. In addition, it will continue to increase in the future. These can be classified as follows.


  • (1) Sockets and plugs


Most terminals are mosaic terminals. That is to say, there are docking terminals, and only when they are combined with each other can they function. The name of such terminals must be marked with F or M (domestic 2 or 1).

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  • (2) End conveying and side conveying


According to the terminal state before pressing, it can be divided into chain terminal and bulk terminal.

Chain terminals are terminals linked together in a chain and rolled into terminal rolls, which are cut off at the same time when pressed. Bulk terminals are things that are cut off and bundled one by one in advance in terminal manufacturing engineering.


Chain terminals can be divided into end and side transports.

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  • (3) Classification by size


Chimeric terminals are sometimes classified according to the width of the chimeric part of the male terminal (the plate part in contact with the female terminal). For example, when DJ 621-D6.3A, the joint is about 6.3mm.

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  • (4) Classification according to the purpose of use


Most terminals are generic, but there are also things that determine how to use them from the beginning. Here are a few examples.

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2) Name and function of each part of terminal


The following table summarizes the names and functions of each part of the terminal. In the management of crimping, it is necessary to know the function and importance of each part of the terminal, so I hope to fully understand.

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3) About Pressing Joints


In automobile harness, the connection of wire and terminal is mostly pressure type connection, which is called "press connection". The advantage of crimping is mass production. By using interlocking terminals and automatic crimping machine, a large number of uniform quality products can be manufactured quickly, but also because of a little error, a large number of defective products will be created.

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4) Three major management projects of crimping


In the management of the quality of press joints, the three management items of press joints, namely, height management, tension management and appearance management, are called the three main management items of press joints.


  • 1) Why is it necessary to manage the crimping height?

This is the most important management project in the execution of crimping operations. Electrical flow through the wire through the terminal to the other terminal, wire, to connect the wire and terminal is the role of pressing. If the crimping is not at the specified height, the electricity may not flow from the wire to the end, or be broken by external forces.

In order to ensure the best crimping performance, the crimping height is set. If it exceeds the specifications, the engine will not be able to start, and in serious cases, it will cause fever, shell melting, automobile combustion and other serious accidents.


  • 2) Why is tension management necessary?

The crimping height is guaranteed by the tensile strength. The tension test is fully carried out in the technical management department of the Ministry of Production and Technology. The best pressure joint height is set as the specification value, but when the blade is worn and the wrong blade shape is installed, it can not be found only by the pressure joint height sometimes, so tension confirmation should be carried out to ensure the pressure joint.


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Intelligent tension tester can measure the pressure height and pull force at the same time. The test data need not be recorded manually and can be saved automatically.


  • 3) Why is appearance management necessary?

In addition to the pressing part, there are chimeric parts, buckles, stabilizing devices and other important parts on the terminal. Only the quality of the press joint can be managed through the management of press height and tension. In addition, even if the crimping height, tension and specifications are the same, the quality can not be guaranteed well without good crimping core wires and wire skins. Therefore, the appearance management is carried out.


(1) Confirmation of chimerism

The chimeric part plays an important role in connecting terminals and terminals. Terminals are guaranteed by the supplier and manufacturer when they are in stock, but once they are pressed, they will be guaranteed by everyone. If the deformation is not good, the terminal and terminal can not be chimerized, which will cause the same serious defects as the bad crimping height.


(2) Poor crimping of core and insulation crimping

The pressing state of core wires and barrels can also cause significant adverse effects. Compared with the normal number of core wires, even if one core wire is broken, the normal crimping height will become the same state as the crimping height (loose). In addition, under the condition of wrapping the sheath into the core wire crimping part, the crimping will become the same state as when the crimping height is low (tight). In a word, it must be bad crimping height.


(3) Terminal Deformation

When the terminal is deformed up and down or twisted side, it will lead to bad insertion and serious unhealthy nailing. The plug will have bad chimerism and nail removal, and the socket will have bad nail removal. In particular, the deformation of the plug should be paid full attention to.

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Intelligent pressure management system uses pressure difference between good and bad products to detect all kinds of bad pressure joints. The operation is simpler than traditional pressure management, and the precision is higher than traditional pressure management. It supports the export of test data.

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