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Multi-core single-core wire production factory


Latest company news about Multi-core single-core wire production factory

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    Multi-core single-core conductor means that a single wire contains multiple single-core conductors at the same time. These single-core conductors are wound together to form a wire. Multi-core single-core conductors are commonly used in low-voltage power cables and internal wiring of electrical equipment to transmit power and signals. In some industrial control and robotics applications, multi-core single-core wires are more convenient and economical than using multiple single-core wires individually, due to the need to connect and separate different signals and power supplies. In addition, multi-core single-core conductors are also commonly used in audio and video equipment to transmit audio and video signals. Multi-core single-core conductor has a variety of specifications and uses, you can choose the appropriate type according to different needs.

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    The manufacturing process of multi-core single-core conductor mainly includes the following steps:

1. Pretreatment of copper and aluminum materials: pretreatment of copper and aluminum bars by processing and hot cracking, so that the original metal materials meet the requirements of physical and mechanical properties.

2. Single-core wire manufacturing: according to the specified standards and production requirements, the copper and aluminum bar is drawn and processed into a fixed-diameter copper and aluminum single-core wire in the wire making machine.

3. Tape assembly: Group, twist and wind the single conductor according to the specified quantity, structure and electrical characteristics.

4. Stranding: Group the wire stranding machine, wind the good single-core wire, strengthen and bind in accordance with the provisions of the stranding way.

5. Wrapping: Wrap the outer insulation layer as required for insulation treatment, and print the production batch, factory name, label and other related specifications on the surface.

6. Inspection: Put the insulated multi-core single-core conductor into the inspection table to test the mechanical strength, electrical performance and other indicators of its conductor, insulation layer and insulation parts.

7. Packaging: According to the regulations, the multi-core and single-core conductor shall be packaged and stored or transported directly according to the production batch, engineering project, etc.

The above is the general manufacturing process of multi-core single-core wire. The manufacturing process and process of different manufacturers may vary.


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