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RG174 Coaxial Spec


Latest company news about RG174 Coaxial Spec

RG174 coaxial cable meets the standard: M17 / 119-rg174, the maximum working frequency: dc-1ghz, RG174 / u is used to provide high-speed, high-precision data transmission, common applications include security systems, computer networks, access control and home automation applications, rg-174 coaxial cable is often used to connect wireless devices and antennas in wireless networks, and is also often used in automotive wiring harness.


RG174 Cable Specification:


RG174 Coaxial Cable/RG174 同轴电缆
RG 174
RG174 Coax Construction/RG174 同轴电缆结构 OD/直径 (mm)
Conductor/导体: 7/0.16 Bare Copper-Clad Steel (BCCS)/裸铜包钢 0.48
Dielectric/绝缘体: Polyethylene (PE) /聚乙烯 1.52
Shield/屏蔽层: Tinned Copper (TC)/镀锡铜 1.93
Jacket/护套: Polyvinylchloride (PVC)/聚氯乙烯 2.80
RG 174 Cable Physical Characteristics/RG 174 电缆物理特性
Weight per/重量100m: 1.19kg
Minimum bend radius/最小弯曲半径: 25mm
Operating temperature range/工作温度范围: -40℃ to +75℃
RoHS compliance/符合RoHS: 2011/65/EU (RoHS)
RG-174 Cable Electrical Characteristics/RG-174 电缆电气特性
Impedance/阻抗: 50 +/- 2 ohms
Capacitance/电容: 101 pF/m. max
Maximum voltage/最大电压: 1100 Volts
Velocity of propagation/速率: 66 %
Operating Frequency/工作频率: 1 GHz
Screening effectiveness/屏蔽效率 ≥ 40 dB (up to 1 GHz)
Insulation resistance/绝缘电阻: ≥ 1 x 108 MΩm
Max. operating voltage/最大工作电压 ≤ 0.85 kVrms (at sea level)
RG174 Attenuation/RG174 衰减:
Freq/频率(MHz) Typical/典型值(dB/m) Max. CW power/功率 最大值
100 0.276 117
400 0.623 59
700 0.886 44
1000 1.12 37

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