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Satellite Positioning Antenna


Latest company news about Satellite Positioning Antenna

GPS and Beidou antennas can be manufactured by different technologies. Generally, plane structure is used in civil systems. For example, in mobile phones, most of them adopt linear polarization, while in military systems, 3D structure of circular polarization is used to adapt to the installation environment where terminal position changes dramatically.


The comparison of antenna performance involves many factors. It is recognized that the best antenna in the industry is a four arm spiral antenna loaded with high dielectric ceramics. The corresponding process is also very complex. Here we recommend a new manufacturing process: 3D printing technology (additive manufacturing technology). Its 3D GPS antenna is the best in cost performance.


一. Several Antenna Objects

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Among them, the volume of 3D hilber antenna is the smallest (8x8x8mm), and the area of ceramic antenna is the largest (30mmx30mm)


(1) The actual test data show that the 3D Hilbert antenna is 5 times smaller than the ceramic plane antenna, but the receiving signal amplitude and the number of receiving stars are almost the same.


(2) Compared with the other three antennas, the gain of 3D antenna is more than 3 dB better than that of planar antenna.


The radiation direction of the planar GPS antenna is simulated as shown in the figure. The blue and red boundaries are clear and the signal amplitude changes dramatically.

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The four arm helix antenna is composed of two groups of helix, which forms a pair of orthogonal antenna combinations in space. The space radiation is superposed into the heart type. No matter how the antenna shakes, it has 3dB more gain than the 2D antenna. It is recognized as the best performance antenna in the industry, so is the actual test!


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