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The definition, selection and characteristics of RF radio frequency connector


Latest company news about The definition, selection and characteristics of RF radio frequency connector

The RF coaxial connector is an electrical connector that is designed to work at a radio frequency within the range of Miaze. The RF connector is usually used with coaxial cables, and is designed to keep the shielding provided by coaxial design. Better models can also minimize changes in transmission line impedance at the connection. The following explains the definition and characteristics of the RF radio frequency coaxial coaxial connector!


1. The characteristics of RF radio frequency coaxial connector


1. There are many specifications: more than 20 international series, more varieties specifications.


2. Parts processing is mainly the processing of driving machines. There are many handicrafts, which is difficult to perform automated assembly.


3. Relying on the mechanical structure to ensure electrical characteristics, it is an integrated product of electromechanical, which is essentially different from other low -frequency connectors.


4. Product reliability, failure mode and failure mechanism are complicated.


5. Product update time is slow.



2. Definition of RF coaxial connector

The radio frequency connector is defined as: a separate component that is usually installed on a cable or device for the electrical connection of the transmission system. It can be seen from this definition that it has the common characteristics of the "separated element" connection.



Third, the selection of the RF connector


1. The selected RF connector should meet the frequency range of actual use.


2. The selected RF connector should have a small resident wave ratio.


3. When there are IM requirements, consider the material and coating of the RF connector.


4. The selected RF connector should match the impedance of the RF connector or cable that is connected.


5. The EMC of the thread RF connector is better than any bayonet, push -pull RF connector.


6. The selected RF connector should have a small insertion loss.


7. Under normal circumstances, the electrical properties of the direct RF connector are better than curved, and it can be selected according to the actual usage.


8. When the general RF connector meets the requirements, the high -performance RF connector is not selected.


Some connectors can be used for radio frequency coaxial cables, printed lineboards, frame drawer -type function components and its connection interface. However, you must be familiar with the performance of the selected products before use, and strictly use it in accordance with the prescribed conditions, because the use of overloading is likely to cause the coaxial connector failure, and it is necessary to pay special attention when installing the cable connector. The assembly instructions and correctly use the appropriate installation tool to operate.

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