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What are the different types of 5G communication antennas?


Latest company news about What are the different types of 5G communication antennas?

   There are many categories of antennas, which can be categorized according to the nature of work, purpose, antenna characteristics, current distribution on the antenna, use of bands, antenna shape, different materials, and use of frequency. According to the frequency classification, there are 2/3/4/5G/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/GNSS/ROLA/RFID antennas and so on. GWT's "module + antenna" full-stack solution speeds up the efficient deployment of IoT terminals. In the 5G era of Internet of Everything, IoT eco-connectivity tends to move towards high-rate, low-latency, and large-bandwidth wireless communication, and puts forward new demands for ubiquitous wireless coverage. Among them, antenna is one of the key components to realize ubiquitous wireless coverage and accurate information sensing, and it is an indispensable solution to empower IoT applications and create a smart environment. By setting up a professional antenna R&D team, GWT provides global customers with more complete full-stack IoT wireless communication solutions, unleashing the "wireless" potential of IoT applications. GWT's antenna team has a wealth of multi-type antenna R&D capabilities, RF review capabilities and antenna structure design capabilities, which can quickly help customers to solve antenna pain points and problems, and significantly reduce the development workload. Many R&D engineers have more than 10 years of antenna R&D experience, which can help customers effectively solve the RF technology, EMC analysis and troubleshooting of the whole series of antenna products and assist in the certification and other problems. Meanwhile, GWT is equipped with advanced equipments, including 48-probe darkroom for testing 400MHz-8GHz IoT devices, far-field/near-field test system, reverberation test system, 5G MIMO throughput test system and other high-tech test platforms in the microwave laboratory, which can realize high-level antenna design and performance testing.

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