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Epoxy Connector NTC Sensors 26 Awg To JST PH 2mm Pitch 4PIN Cable

Epoxy Connector NTC Sensors 26 Awg To JST PH 2mm Pitch 4PIN Cable

Epoxy Connector 4PIN Cable

NTC Sensors 4PIN Cable

26 Awg 4PIN Cable

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Product Details
Connector 1:
10k 2% 3950
Connector 2:
10cm 20cm Or Custon
UL2651 #2651
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Sample Box:17*12*4cm 40*40*20cm..etc
Delivery Time
Shipped in 15 days after payment
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T,Paypal, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
Product Description


Epoxy Connector NTC Sensors 10k 2% 3950 2651 26 Awg To JST PH 2mm Pitch 4PIN Cable


Electrical Characteristics:

Reliability Test

序号Serial number






Test Conditions

3-1. 高温试验Hightemp.test






化.外观无损伤.Voltage and insulation resistance. Appearance without damage


105±5℃,1000±24h (Reference IEC60068-2-2/GB2423.2 test)
3-2. 低温试验 Low temp.test


(Reference IEC60068-2-1/GB2423.1 test)

3-3. 耐潮湿试验Humidity test

60±2℃,90%-95%RH 1000±24h

(Reference IEC60068-2-3/GB2423.3 test)

3-4. 温度循环试验Temp. cycle test


5min,X 5Cycles

(Reference IEC60068-2-14/GB2423.22 test)

3-5 负荷通电试验Load test 在常温常湿通电DC1mA,500hrs At normal temperature and humidity, DC1mA, 500hrs.
3-6 引线强度 LEAD WIRE Strength Application of 1.5 kg force for 10s.
3-7 跌落试验 Drop test 从1m高处自由落下混凝土地板,共进行10次.Free fall from the 1m height of the concrete floor, a total of 10 times
3-8 振动试验vibration test 频率范围:10~55HZ全振幅1.52mm1次循环1分钟 ,方向和时间X,Y,Z轴各2小时. Frequency range: 10 ~ 55HZ full amplitude 1.52mm1 times cycle 1 minutes, direction and time X, Y, Z axis each 2 hours


Storage method:

1) 贮存和运输过程中每堆叠放高度不超过4箱产品.During storage and transportation, no more than 4 boxes of products are placed in each stack.

2) 允许用任何方法运输,但要避免雨,雪的直接或间接的淋袭和机械损伤.Allows for the transport of any method, but to avoid direct or indirect rain and snow damage and mechanical damage.

3) 产品应贮存环境在温度为-10℃/+45℃,相对湿度不大于80%,周围环境不应有酸性,碱性物

质及腐蚀气体或辐射源.Products should be stored in the environment at a temperature of minus 10 degrees C / C, 45 degrees Celsius, the relative humidity is less than 80%, the surrounding environment should not be acidic, alkaline substances and corrosive gases or radiation source.


Inspection standard GB2828-2003.:

项目 (Item) 判定标准 (Decision criteria) 检验水平 (Inspection level) 判定基准Decision criteria
绝缘抵抗 Insulation test DC500V/100ΜΩ↑ N=5 C=0
耐电压 Withstand voltage test AC1500V 1mA/3S N=5 C=0
外观检查 Appearance check 无缺陷 No defect S=3 C=0
引线强度 LEAD WIRE Strength 1.5kg.f↑ N=5 C=0
制品长度 Product length 参考图纸 Reference drawing N=5 C=0
外壳长度 Shell length 参考图纸 Reference drawing N=5 C=0
阻值 RT1 resistance RT1 Reference resources Electrial characteristics 2-1 S=3 C=0
B Constant Reference resources Electrial characteristics 2-2 N=5 C=0


Epoxy Connector NTC Sensors 26 Awg To JST PH 2mm Pitch 4PIN Cable 0

Epoxy Connector NTC Sensors 26 Awg To JST PH 2mm Pitch 4PIN Cable 1

Epoxy Connector NTC Sensors 26 Awg To JST PH 2mm Pitch 4PIN Cable 2

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